Alegre Beach Resort and Spa

Alegre Beach Resort and Spa


Model: Alegre Beach Resort and Spa

daily_room_rate: $100 – $200



Alegre Beach Resort and Spa is approximately 60 kilometers from Ceby City and can be reached within one or two hours by land.  Located in the heart of tropical forest near the pristine beaches of Sogod Island, this resort gives a variety of activities for the family.

The modern design of the resort is infused in the tropical sceneries that surrounds it. It offers 21 luxurious cabanas, two deluxe rooms and three private beach coves.  This serves as a perfect getaway for adventurers and soul-seekers as well.  Guest rooms come with fans and air-conditioning. The Seafront deluxe Room gives a beautiful view of the ocean from the balcony or terrace.

The cabanas are lined along the beach giving a fantastic feel of the ocean breeze and beach surroundings.  All rates come with complimentary breakfast of Filipino or American dishes, as well as airport transfers.  Spa services are offered along the beach for those who wish to get some relaxation. Recreation and water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and boating may also be arranged by the resort. Campfires may also enjoyed at night.

Amenities within this vast resort include gym and sports facilities, a lounge area and a restaurant with open view tables giving a pristine view of the waters. The restaurant offers daily buffets of international and local cuisine mostly dishes from the rich catches of the sea.

For room rates and bookings, contact +63 32 2549800 or +63 917 3068443.

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