BlueReef MactanIsland Resort and Hotel

BlueReef MactanIsland Resort and Hotel

This luxurious beach resort and hotel is located at Marigondon, Mactan Island in Cebu. It can be reached within 15 minutes from Cebu City.  The island is 5300 square meters wide and boasts of a private beach covered in white sand.

BlueReef MactanIsland Resort and Hotel

This resort is ideal for families and friends who want to have some fun and relaxation with the facilities sprawled around this property. Water slides directly leading to the blue waters of the sea are positioned near the resort’s wharf. Hammocks are also installed on its trees and toy rides are available for children in its playground.

Picnic gazebos are scattered around the landscaped lawns for dining and hanging out.  A function hall is also available for special occasions such as birthday parties and weddings. The resort’s façade is inspired by its tropical setting suitable for any occasion.

BlueReef MactanIsland Resort and Hote2l

All of the rooms of the three-story hotel have balconies opening up to the view of the ocean.  Room types are standard, executive or deluxe. These come with air conditioning, hot and cold shower, telephone, cable TV and refrigerator.  The standard rooms can be booked at 50 USD, executive at 56 USD and deluxe at 63 USD per night. All rooms are clean and are equipped with comfortable beds offering a cozy night’s sleep.

The resort’s restaurant offer delicious grilled foods and a variety of Filipino and American dishes. Drinks are also served at its bar.

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